Formed in 2014 and based in Jacksonville, Florida, The Raisin Cake Orchestra is a jazz ensemble that meshes the melodies and rhythms of the Prohibition and Swing Eras with the deep grooves of hard bop, R & B, and contemporary New Orleans jazz. The group's sound ranges from authentic traditional jazz to funky modern arrangements of classic material and can adapt to any setting, taste, or theme.

The Raisin Cake Orchestra's members came together as a result of their shared interest in older, traditional jazz from the teens, twenties, and thirties, and jazz from New Orleans and the deep South, along with a desire to uncover ways of making this wonderful music feel new and exciting for modern audiences.  The group's players know each other from studies in the University of North Florida and Jacksonville University Music Programs, and after several years working on separate performance and recording projects, they have come back together to pursue inventive approaches to classic American music.

Currently, The Raisin Cake Orchestra is performing throughout North and Central Florida at several of the best music venues in the region, as well as concert events and outdoor festivals. In addition, The Raisin Cake Orchestra has also been featured on local television and media outlets like First Coast Living, St. Augustine Tonight with Jorge Rivera, BUZZ Media, and most recently, a radio and television broadcast as part of WUCF Orlando's Live from Studio A Series. 

You can follow our schedule of events by clicking the "Shows" link on this site, liking and following us on our FaceBook page, or connecting with us on Twitter and Instagram.  Please join our mailing list for more info, and if you want to contact us for a public or private engagement, please message us through this site or our inbox on FaceBook. Come get a taste of the Cake!